Industry Versatility

RSI’s team of compliance and cyber security professionals boast experience across numerous industries. In all cases, we compliance and security across people, processes, technology and vendors to meet your industry’s unique needs and regulatory requirements.

Meeting your unique needs

Experience across the most targeted industries for cyber attacks

It's anticipated that more states will be rapidly adopting privacy laws with requirements taking a broader view of regulations beyond just IT. RSI stays on top of these developments and delivers a custom solution.

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Insurance & Financial

Failures in cybersecurity have prompted data privacy legislation in more than 40 US states. New York State regulators passed NYS DFS requiring institutions to create detailed programs to protect data and ensure employees are trained to identify threats. The NAIC 668 Model Law for insurance companies has been adopted by several states, and the CIS TOP 20 and NIST CSF cybersecurity assessments are gaining rapid adoption as the technical assessment standard.  RSI has assessed and remediated threats for hundreds of insurance and financial firms to help establish and maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate against growing threats. <link to case study>

Healthcare & Non-Profit

The value of a healthcare record continues to increase in value to cyber criminals to conduct medical fraud and other financial gains. Electronic health records, the healthcare infrastructure and individual medical devices are all targets. Healthcare is particularly vulnerable due to historic lack of investment in cybersecurity, vulnerabilities in existing technology and staff behavior. Understanding HIPAA and other regulations is critical for the healthcare industry to adequately protect patient privacy. RSI conducts numerous HIPAA assessments and the ensuing remediation plans to enhance medical organization processes to effectively protect patient data.

Technology & Innovation

Many technology companies either create, process, store or transmit protected data (protected health information, non-public information, PCI, CUI, etc.). Possessing this data means technology companies are often a liable party in a cybersecurity incident or breach. As a technology firm it’s important to have a partner like RSI to evaluate your cybersecurity posture and ensure you’re maintaining proper protection of data.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Risk and Compliance professionals are faced with a multitude of obstacles in the manufacturing industry in particular. They must focus attention on identifying risks in production, delivery, and maintenance, as well as ineffective third parties and potential damages to materials. Manufacturing companies also face risks of non-compliance with local, state, and federal standards, guidelines, labor laws, or quality mandates. Learn more about RSI’s C-TPAT compliance services HERE.

Legal & Professional Consulting

With fiduciary responsibility for protection of confidential information, as well as cybersecurity and privacy, law firms must maintain compliance to any number of regulations. Determining which regulations can be tricky based on the type of clients within the firm’s portfolio. RSI helps determine a compliance and remediation roadmap for firms of all sizes.  Additionally, legal firms rely on RSI to help them with quick incident response to clients as well as OCR audits.  We can generate audit ready security risk assessments in less than 14 days where most engagements require 10 weeks and charge far higher rates.


The retail industry has multiple layers of risk to address such as fraud, theft, data breaches, as well as customer injuries or forced closures. Risk management is critical component to the day-to-day operations. RSI’s multi-faceted risk assessments can thoroughly address these various risks. We follow with robust remediation and maintenance efforts to help retailers embed a cyber-aware and risk-aware culture within their workforce.

DoD Contractors

With the advent of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, CMMC, department of defense contractors are required to meet a maturity level based on contract requirements. The five maturity levels range from “Basic Cybersecurity Hygiene” to “Advanced/Progressive”. RSI can assess and remediate all five levels and provide IT Policies and Procedures. Learn more about RSI’s CMMC readiness services HERE.



RSI's Difference

RSI creates Radical Solutions to pressing problems with Disruptive Technologies and Disruptive Processes. For many of our clients, we are a game changer because our solutions can transform people and culture.