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Cybersecurity & Compliance

RSI – the right partner to safeguard your business. With a comprehensive portfolio of cyber security services, RSI delivers nearly 40 years of experience, expertise and resources to create a custom cyber security plan that covers your critical data, applications, end users, and critical infrastructure.

  • The average time to identify a breach in 2019 was 7 months. (IBM)
  • The average lifecycle of a breach lasted almost 11 months (from the breach to containment). (IBM)
  • 34% of data breaches involved internal actors. (Verizon)
  • 92% of malware is delivered by email. (CSO online)
  • The average cost of a ransomware attack on businesses is $133,000. (SafeAtLast)
Safeguarding Your Business


Reducing your organization’s cyber risks requires a comprehensive approach. RSI’s security team is ready to help.

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Cyber Security Services

Network Penetration Tests & Vulnerability Scans

This controlled attack simulation helps identify susceptibility to application, network, and operating system breaches. By locating vulnerabilities before the adversaries do, you can implement defensive strategies to protect your critical systems and information. RSI will inspect potential points of exploit on a computer or network to identify security holes. The scan detects and classifies system weaknesses in computers, networks and communications equipment and predicts the effectiveness of countermeasures.
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Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Our cybersecurity risk assessment will identify the various risks that could affect your critical assets – hardware, systems, laptops, customer data, and intellectual property. From there, RSI will provide a comprehensive risk report and the information you need to remediate.
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Remediation Management and Tracking

Whether it’s changing configurations, changing workflows and rules, removing connections or any other key remediation step, RSI’s security experts will help prioritize, implement and track the critical steps to resolve your threats and close blind spots.
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vCISO Services

RSI’s staff of vCISOs deliver comprehensive cyber risk and compliance consulting – strategic planning, security consulting, Board of Directors Advisory services, risk assessments, incident response and cyber risk awareness training.
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Employee Training

Build a cyber-aware culture through on-line driven courses that focuses on key measures employees can take to prevent cyber incidents.

Business Email Compromise Prevention

Known as man-in-the-middle attacks, RSI’s Business Email Compromise Protection include stronger security protocols, well-defined policies and procedures and employee education to reduce attacker attempts.

Ransomware Prevention

​Enhanced scanning and filtering will prevent the likelihood of a spam email containing malware-infected attachments or links from reaching your inbox.

RSI's Difference

RSI creates Radical Solutions to pressing problems with Disruptive Technologies and Disruptive Processes. For many of our clients, we are a game changer because our solutions can transform people and culture.