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Automated Cybersecurity Training

Delivered with Phishing Simulations, Powered Cybersecurity Training helps small and medium-sized organizations overcome the difficulties they encounter while attempting to implement and maintain cybersecurity education. This industry-best education product takes minutes to deploy and delivers current content along with phishing simulations as described below. Everything is handled for the client, from quarterly employee education to monthly phishing campaigns. Even the reports will automatically update you on the performance of your personnel and any areas where they may need to improve.

  • Automated Quarterly Training Videos
  • Written content
  • Review & Testing
  • Online portal to manage users and results

Phishing Simulations

Integrated with automated cybersecurity training, the phishing simulations create real-world phishing scenarios to evaluate how employees respond to phishing emails, links, or attachments. This program helps organizations identify and address potential weaknesses in their cybersecurity defenses, empowering employees to become more vigilant against real phishing threats and contributing to an overall more secure digital environment.

  • Realistic Phishing Scenarios
  • URL Redirection and Tracking:
  • Attachment Analysis
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Integration with Security Awareness Training
  • Analytics and Metrics

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