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RSI’s engineers will investigate and examine digital data to determine the cause, extent, and effects of a cybersecurity incident or breach. To understand the attack pathways, the scope of the damage, and the activities taken by threat actors, RSI applies a variety of techniques and approaches to collect, preserve, and evaluate data from compromised systems, networks, and devices.

How We Do It


Incident Response:

RSI establishes incident response policies and procedures to deal with possible security breaches quickly and effectively.

Collection of Digital Evidence:

RSI ensures that affected systems' digital evidence is intact and admissible in potential legal cases.

Data Analysis:

To determine indicators of compromise (IOCs), attacker strategies, and the amount of the damage, the forensics team examines the data that has been gathered.

Root Cause Analysis:

RSI will ascertain how the breach happened, assisting businesses in identifying weaknesses and bolstering their defenses.

Maintain of the Chain of Custody:

To protect the integrity of the evidence, RSI keeps a complete record of the handling and transfer of the evidence.

Malware Analysis:

RSI will perform a malware analysis to determine the kind of malicious software that was used in the incident and how it behaved.

Reporting and Remediation Advice:

RSI provides thorough reports outlining findings, suggestions for correction, and strategies to stop reoccurring events.

Legal Support:

In the event of legal ramifications, RSI may work with legal teams to make sure that evidence is gathered and stored appropriately.

Continuous Improvement:

Based on the results of the forensics investigation, RSI assist organizations in implementing improvements that strengthen their security posture.

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